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Thorough Sewer Inspection in Central Alberta

For a complete sewer inspection in Central Alberta, get in touch with Aqua-Eel Sewer & Drain Professionals. It is essential to have a sewer inspection before purchasing a house. We all know to get a home inspection, but buyers, especially first-time buyers, do not know to get a sewer inspection as well. This inspection protects both the buyer and the seller of the property. These sewer inspections occur with a small camera, attached to a snake, which is inserted into the cleanout. Often, you are able to watch the inspection on a monitor. What the plumber is looking for, mainly, are roots that that have gotten into miniscule openings in the pipes and have expanded over time. Just because a sewage system is new does not mean it is exempt from this problem. Save yourself money in the future by ensuring that you have had a sewer inspection before you purchase your home. 

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