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Aqua-Eel Sewer & Drain Professionals

Unclog Your Drain

Our professionals offer prompt, dependable drain & sewer service.

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Aqua-Eel Sewer & Drain Professionals

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We offer complete sewer line video inspection to prevent future issues.

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Aqua-Eel Sewer & Drain Professionals

Drainage Services

We offer sewer and drain cleaning, repairs and maintenance.

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Aqua-Eel Sewer & Drain Professionals: Serving Alberta since 1984


Our family-owned and operated business has operated since 1984, serving central Alberta. Aqua-Eel Sewer & Drain Professionals offer prompt, dependable city and country-wide drain and sewer service to:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial clients

Not only do we do drain and sewer cleaning, but we also provide maintenance and repairs. Call us anytime, day or night.

Sewer Line Video Inspections

Most importantly, Aqua-Eel Sewer & Drain Professionals offer sewer line video inspections. Don’t buy or sell a property without one! You don’t want to inherit someone else’s headaches.

Quality Equipment

Aqua-Eel Sewer & Drain Professionals exclusively use Electric Eel® drain and sewer cleaning machines because of their top-of-the-line, quality performance.

Avoid Expensive Damage!

Don’t risk flooding and damage – call Aqua-Eel Sewer & Drain Professionals as soon as you notice a problem with your drains or sewers. Let us prevent these problems with proper maintenance and upkeep. And don’t forget our senior discount – make an appointment today!

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